Atlanta to Orlando Auto Transport

Welcome to Atlanta Auto Transports information page for Atlanta to Orlando Auto Transport. We ship all over the United states but because we started out near Atlanta this is a popular route for our customers. Atlanta to Orlando Auto Transport is a very easy route when done with the right company.

Atlanta is one of the larges hub’s for auto transport in the United States, mainly because of how many highways meet in Atlanta. Also we have a lot of people moving to this area, also many different auctions dealers buy vehicles from.

Orlando is almost as popular but for other reasons like tourists and auto auctions. Some customers spend weeks in the Orlando area and need their vehicle. Others are students checking in or checking out of college and dealers buying vehicles in one of the many auctions in the Orlando area.


When looking for a auto transport company its great to find a carrier directly but it’s hard for a customer to know if that carrier is any good. Meaning it’s hard for customers who do ship vehicles daily to know who they’re working with. Most carriers last about 6 months in this industry for many different reasons. Usually it’s because they don’t know how to do it the right way and this is where we come in. We started out as a carrier and moved to the broker side of the industry to help more people. We know the best going rate to move your vehicle based on the time we have to schedule.

For an example if you have one day to load a vehicle from Atlanta to Orlando that rate would be around 600$. If you have that same transport but give us 1-3 days to schedule your rate could be as low as 450$ depending on the season. Sometimes it’s better shipping South and sometimes it’s better shipping North. It just depends on the demand. Usually truck drivers stick to one route. They do this because they have their own clients and then use our services to keep the truck space full. We have helped many customers with Atlanta to Orlando Auto Transport and we can help you.

Thank you for visiting our Auto Transport website. We hope you found this information useful for your specific transport from Atlanta to Orlando. If you were looking for another route we can help with that as well.